Miscellaneous Projects

Assorted Works

In addition to my passion for creating websites, I have a variety of other technical and non-technical skills and hobbies. On this page, I will showcase assorted media including 2D and 3D graphic design, mobile apps and applications, photography and more. In most instances, designing websites allows me to blend my general 2D and 3D graphic design skills with my broad programming abilities. An extended showcase of my 3D animations, models, amateur photography, coding projects and more can be found on my much older and no longer maintained personal website.

Application Development

I have developed a variety of applications over the years. From desktop productivity products, to games and mobile apps, I have produced various highly rated and award winning creations. Below is a sample of custom-developed applications. In the early 2000s, I developed an auction ad creator application that received high praise from review sites. In 2007, a game I developed was featured as the game of the month in Europe's biggest PC gaming magazine. Starting in 2010, I released several mobile apps that have been well rated with hundreds of thousands of downloads. In 2012 and 2013, I won an unprecidented three grand prize awards for three separate applications developed as part of a series of worldwide Intel competitions.

Ballastic (Ultrabook App Winner) Magic Doodle Pad (Perceptual Computing Prototype Winner) Ballastic (Ultrabook App)
Palette0 / Pixelmate Packin' Plax (Game) Scribblify
KickleC Dominant Ad Creator Bombzuka

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Computer Generated 3D Animations

Since the late-1990s, I have been creating 3D computer generated graphics and animations both academically and leisurely. In 2004, a partner and I won the state championship in SkillsUSA by producing a complete 3D animation from scratch within an eight hour time limit (we went on to place sixth in the nation). I have created animations for a variety of practical and entertainment purposes.

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Computer Generated 3D Still Renders

I have created many 3D still renders for both work-related and entertainment-related purposes. Numerous websites that I have developed feature 3D graphical elements within them, both directly and indirectly. I have also created company logos and product concepts using 3D applications.

Desktop Computer Tower Water Bottle with Caustics Play Blocks Classic iPod
Floor Lamp Little People Rubber Bands and Playing Cards Play Room
Naturally Lit Room TPS Logo Concepts Woodburner Colored Eggs

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2D Graphic Design Projects

2D graphic design goes hand-in-hand with Web design and application development. As such, I have had plenty of experience designing and manipulating 2D graphics for independent works along with websites and computer applications. I have experience with both raster-based graphics and vector-based graphics and have worked with a wide array of graphic design applications—Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Paint Shop Pro—to name a few. I have done photo restoration projects, created brochures, retouched and manipulated photographs and designed original 2D graphics for Web, video, and programming-related projects. Several dedicated 2D graphic design projects are displayed below.

Game Brochure Conceptual Video Interface
Conceptual Website Photo Restoration

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General Photography

Photography remains one of my favorite hobbies outside of computers. I have a solid understanding of most photography concepts but am always learning and experimenting with new techniques. Below are a few pictures that I've taken in recent years using an inexpensive camera.

Bee with Pollen Dexter Park Dragonfly Frog
Squirrel Toad Eye Moon Grass with Frost

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