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Thank you for visiting my online portfolio, where you can learn about a variety of my technical skills and accomplishments. On this site, you will also be able to read through an assortment of letters, honors and publications that highlight my qualifications.

You may contact me with any questions or enquiries by using the online contact form; alternatively, you can reach me directly at info@matthewpilz.com.

An alternative Flash-based version of my portfolio is also available online, but is somewhat dated and more restrictive in content.

I also run a bare-bones technology blog where I regularly share tutorials and technical thoughts.

A Brief History

I have been working closely with computers and related technology since the 1990s, with a strong interest in Web and mobile platforms while remaining well-versed in a large spectrum of technical subjects. In addition, I have the knack for learning new computer applications and technologies quickly and strive to remain on the forefront of this ever-changing field.

Academically, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Technologies, an Associate in Applied Science degree in eCommerce/Web Administration and an MATC technical diploma in Web Design. I maintained a solid 4.0 GPA throughout all of my academic studies at Milwaukee Area Technical College and Bellevue University.

Currently, I work as a contract Web and mobile app developer while also producing applications for my own business, linkedPIXEL LLC. From 2010 through 2012 I was a Web Developer at Marshfield Clinic where I performed a wide array of technical duties within a large corporate environment. Aside from Web development, I am well grounded in 2D graphic design, 3D modeling and animation, mobile app development, computer hardware and software troubleshooting, networking, general programming and related skills. Looking ahead, I plan to continue my career path down this fascinating road of technology, including Web and mobile application development.

Sections of My Portfolio

Web Design

Web Design: On the Web Design section of this site, you will learn about the variety of Web-related skills I currently possess along with a sample of past websites that I have developed for other clients. It is worth emphasizing that much of my Web-related work over the past several years has been on internal projects (including those at Marshfield Clinic) and cannot be featured on this site. I am constantly evolving my skills and expertise to stay on top of emerging Web technologies.

Other Work

Other Work: The Other Work section contains a large variety of non-Web related projects that I have created in the past—from 3D animations and still renders, to software applications and games, to photography. Only a sample of highlights from all of my creations are shown, but some additional links are provided under each category for more examples and information. The animations can be watched while the still renders, photography, and application screenshots can be enlarged.


Testimonials: Within the Testimonials section of the site, I've put up a variety of client letters, recommendations and job-related approval notices that I have received over the years. Nearly every site listed in the Web Design section also lists received corresponding feedback from the client(s). Generally speaking, all of the letters and messages shown put emphasis on my technical skills and quality of workmanship.


Honors: On the Honors section of the online portfolio, a selection of awards, honors, publications, achievements, and certificates that I have received over the past decade are on display. This includes academic achievements and advanced standings, awards from events such as SkillsUSA, technical certificates from various courses, newspaper and magazine feature stories and more.

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