Letters of Recommendation and Approval

Letters of Recommendation and Approval

To date, each client and employer that I have worked for has expressed complete and utmost satisfaction and gratitude for my services. Some of the letters of recommendation and approval that I've received from a variety of individuals and businesses throughout the years can be reviewed below.

AUDIO: Richard Marks talks about my accomplishments (2002 - School Board Meeting) [WMA - 401KB]
AUDIO: Richard Marks talks about my partner and I at SkillsUSA (2004 - School Board Meeting) [WMA - 785KB]

Letters of Recommendation

Amber Kiggens-Leifheit - Marshfield Area Community Foundation

"From the beginning you have far exceeded our expectations in designing and managing the website..."

"We appreciate your hard work, professionalism, and the advice you gave us throughout the process."

Marshfield Area Community Foundation

Bob Duffy - Intel Software Innovator Program Manager

"Thank you and congratulations from Intel on being awarded the designation of Intel® Software Innovator."

"As an Intel Software Innovator, you possess both skill and a position of leadership in our community."

"You lead by example and encourage others to follow your best practices."

Marshfield Area Community Foundation

Amber Kiggens-Leifheit - Marshfield Area Community Foundation

"[Matt Pilz] is very capable, energetic, enthusiastic, reliable and hard-working individual...he has been extremely helpful...very patient...always willing to make changes to the site..."

"He has the people skills and the technical skills needed to work well with customers."

"I whole heartedly recommend Matthew Pilz for any position for which you may be considering him...you will not go wrong hiring this individual."

Marshfield Area Community Foundation

Dean Markwardt - Marshfield Area Community Foundation

"Not only did [Matt Pilz] know how to create the site, but he brought an aesthetic sense to the task that was extremely valuable to us."

"Matt's abilities go well beyond the basic technical requirements of any web designer... He has an excellent command of the English language. He can write, clearly and concisely."

"Matt has continued to be a valuable resource for us."

Marshfield Area Community Foundation

Paul & Joan Herder - Leave Only Bubbles ("What If...?" Scientific)

"[Matt Pilz] is extremely professional and is very knowledgeable in all areas of his work.  He pays keen attention to the smallest detail... He was always most willing and able to do anything we asked of him-and usually a step or two beyond."

"He is most conscientious in his attention to every aspect of a job he is doing and very generous with his time."

"I hold Matthew Pilz in very high regard, and it is without reservation that I give him my highest recommendation..."

Leave Only Bubbles

Healthy Lifestyles - Marshfield Area Coalition

"The Web Site committee is impressed with your expertise and web design talent."

"You have shown the committee that you will go above and beyond the call of duty..."

"You worked well independently and provided creative input and suggestions to develop a professional and user-friendly site."

Healthy Lifestyles Marshfield Area Coalition

School District of Marshfield - Board of Education

"We wish to recognize your outstanding performance at Skills USA in Kansas City, Missouri."

Marshfield School Board of Education

Marshfield Junior High School - Guidance Department

"[Matt Pilz] has patiently been helping me with the Guidance Department web page."

"I am impressed by his expertise with computers. Matt sure has a gift in that area."

Marshfield Junior High School Guidance Department

Marshfield Junior High School - Stevanna Myers

"Matt has consistently been an honor roll student, receiving the Presidential Academic Award..."

"His skills with the computer are outstanding..."

"It has been a pleasure knowing Matt."

Marshfield Junior High School Guidance Department

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Marshfield Clinic Staff Remarks

Gail Jicinsky / Bob Dums
Process Improvement Application

"Our group is anxious to get to our finished product and all are very pleased with the work you've already put into this system tool. Personally, I've found you very easy to work with, you offered suggestions for improvements that we hadn't even thought of, worked hard to accommodate our requests and you have communicated with me in a timely, professional and positive manner. Well done!"

"Team, in case you appreciate the final product of our PI Projects/Study database and our new web site in general, as much as I do, I want to tell you who has been working so hard and never once gave me a hard time when we once again changed our minds or asked for one more thing - again and again! It has been a pleasure to work with Matt Pilz from Corporate Communications. His energy, positive attitude, great ideas, clear and timely communication have combined to make this a rewarding project for me to help with."

"I'm lovin it all! Thanks again Matt for your excellent work! You're the man!"

Ellen Vanderboom
Institute for Quality, Innovation & Patient Safety

"The IQIPS team really liked the site that Dr. Krueger previewed last week...I just wanted to say a special thank you for all the excellent work you did to ge the PDSA website up and running."

Kate Benishek
Process Improvement Application

"You rock! Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work! I've been getting a lot of compliments about the interface. Thank you for making it so usable! "

Nick Schultz / Ken Little
Cattails Publishing

Nick: "Excellent, Matt. Thanks so much. I appreciate your quick turn-around and look forward to the streamlined Web publishing process."

Ken: "Looks good to me. Thanks for getting it up so quickly."

Nick: "Thanks so much for your help with Cattails, Pulse and all the amazing work you do for us, Matt. You're such a pleasure to work with."

Val Gungor / Kevin Jordan / Tammy Karlen
Cattails Software Site Troubleshooting

Val: "Matt Pilz found the solution to our CSS problem this weekend! All the research both Steve and I did online suggested adding position:relative, so I was going in the opposite direction with my trials and getting nowhere..."

Kevin: "Great news, thanks!"

Tammy: "Thanks for the help Matt."

Rebecca Post / Danielle Luther / Kristin Seyfert
Center for Community Outreach

Rebecca: "Matt, this looks great! Thank you so much for your assistance on this."

Danielle: "Wonderful!"

Kristin: "Wow--that was fast--thanks!!"

Christine Lipsey
Contract Review Form

"It looks perfect! Thanks for your help on this!"

Stu Guenther and Others
Oncology Medication Occurrence Form

"Thanks for all your help with this project... Thanks for making the suggested changes so quickly! Very nice job! You did a great job on this document."

Linda Schultz / Connie Folz
Pharmacy Capsule

"Wow - speedy! Thanks for the quick response, Matt! Everything looks good!"

Suzette Samuels
The Diagnostic & Treatment Center Site Update

"Thanks so much for your quick response! You are good... You're the best - thanks!"

Deb Dorshorst / Nick Schultz
Pulse Publication

"Faster than a speeding bullet... Another breakthrough! Thanks for all of your help on this--today and every week."

Tammy Ellis
Safe Play Interactive Map

"The Interactive map has been a significant contribution to the Children's Center. The project would not have been a success without you, Valeri and Matt. I really appreciate all you have done and look forward to future projects with your team."

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Assorted Client Remarks

Joan Herder
Leave Only Bubbles
(Compiled from multiple e-mails; 2007-2009)

"The web site is great. We've gotten a number of positive comments about it. I am very pleased with the work you did for us... Thanks SO MUCH for your help... The redesign looks great... This all looks awesome; I'm so excited!  Thank you very much."

Melanie Donnerbauer
Captured Moments by Melanie
(Compiled from multiple e-mails; 2008-2009)

"I love the website it's so beautiful...You're amazing! Thank you so much! Dan said it was done really nicely and worked really well... The whole thing is incredible, the links the way you did the photos throughout everything!"

Dean Markwardt
Marshfield Area Community Foundation
(Compiled from multiple e-mails; 2006-2007)

"The web site is great. We've gotten a number of positive comments about it. I am very pleased with the work you did for us... I am very impressed with your vast knowledge of web design, search engine evolution, and all the rest... I was just telling Terri how helpful the session and your help guide was... As always, your help is invaluable..."

Paul Herder
"What If...?" Scientific
(Compiled from multiple e-mails; 2005-2007)

"Thanks for all your work... I've had some nice compliments on the website. Great job... Let me know if I can be a reference for you in the future..."

Jane Wagner
Marshfield School-to-Career
(Compiled from multiple e-mails; 2004-2005)

"Thanks so much for your efforts. Everything seems to be working now and I'm so pleased with the site... Thanks for your conscientious work on the STC Web Site. I am so proud of what you have accomplished to date... I think the site looks great. Thanks for all your hard work."

Darcy Johnson
Healthy Lifestyles Marshfield Coalition
(October 2004)

"The picture looks great! Thank you for taking the time to make the last changes to the site. The web site looks really good. Thanks for all your hard work."

Cindy K.
1st Federated Co.
(September 2003)

"The site looks absolutely great! Thanks again, you do great work!"

John Iwaszczenko
Gamez Shop
(August 2003)

"Your site preview has been the best so far. You did an excellent job... I am very impressed with the first page."

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College Instructor Remarks

Charles Collins
College of Information Technology / Bellevue University

"I have a favor to ask. You [and one other student] are relatively strong writers, and writing skill is something that is very difficult for IT people to develop. Would you mind if I made use of your papers as examples, not only for this class but for future classes? I will remove your names, of course, but I when I try to help students understand what they can do to improve, it helps to have examples to offer."

Dr. Alfred Ifárindé
ITSUP-176: Information Technology Project Management
(March 2009)

"Seems you really understand the intricacies of managing resource usage [IT project management]...Very impressive questions!"

Jonathan Meersman
VICOM-125: Advanced Web Design with JavaScript
(December 2008)

[Refers to the team-based Web site developed using XHTML/CSS/JavaScript: "MATC: A Green College"]

"Team 3 you did a great job and created a very visually appealing site that certainly exceeds the minimum requirements and my expectations. The inclusion of the required JavaScript components was done so in a way that makes the site more interactive and look professional. Your integration of CSS and JavaScript goes to make future maintenance of the site more manageable. I particularly like the look and feel of the site, starting with the banner/header on the first page. I like the idea and implementation of the Green Tip and random quotes sections of the site."

Jonathan Meersman
VICOM-128: Web Development with XHTML/CSS
(May 2008)

[Refers to the Web site I developed using XHTML/CSS: "The History of Video Game Consoles (Site)"]

"Great work on your final project! It looks very professional... Since the grading emphasis for this class is coding, I randomly validated a page in your final project. I was happy that I didn't see any errors. It looks like you have gotten yourself into some good XHTML and CSS coding habits. Your project was one of the best in the class. I normally don't give too many 100's on final projects, but you earned it! I liked the extra work that you did behind the scenes - such as the form validation and JavaScript. I enjoyed having you in the class. I hope you learned a lot. It was great having you in the class. I appreciate your attention to detail. I appreciate all the work that you did in the critique of your classmates' projects."

Susan Retzer
VICOM-150: Introduction to Digital Media
(December 2007)

[Refers to the interactive PowerPoint presentation that I developed: "The History of Video Game Consoles (PowerPoint)"]

"Holy crap! This [PowerPoint presentation] is soooooo fantastic—if you don't mind I'm gonna use this as an example of what can be done... It is always a challenge of mine to make a "PowerPoint” that doesn't look like PowerPoint" and this is one of them. You most likely already know this, but you are gonna do soooo well in the industry. Your passion for this & perfectionism is fantastic... I'd like to use it as an example of what can be done (if you put the energy into it like you did!!!) for future classes if you dont mind..."

Jean Eisman
ENG-201: English 1 (College Level)
(September—December 2007)

[Refers to numerous original writing compositions including expository essays and related papers]

"Your credentials are stunning, and you showcase them well.  I wish I could employ you to improve the announcement page on my course.  I would like a better graphic than that stupid owl... You've been an outstanding student. I always look forward to reading your essays and appreciate your contribution to the course.  Is it OK with you if I keep your essays on file to use as future examples? It's been a pleasure having you in this class. I wish you all the best in your career, and know that with your abilities you will go far."

"I've been teaching many years and have read a lot a papers in my lifetime, but have never come across one better than yours.  Congratulations for writing such a fine paper... Truly remarkable... Your expository essay was really the best in the class..."

"Your examples are wonderful and so are your insights!  And you write in an engaging and artful style.  I'm thinking of your original comparisons, vivid images,  and effective use of repetition and parallelism... You know, with your writing ability, you can do whatever you want to do in life. Go for it!"

Jonathan Meersman
MKTG-118: Electronic Commerce
(December 2007)

"I am thoroughly impressed by your quality work. It was a pleasure to read through your work. I apologize for getting behind in grading. I know that can be frustrating for students who stay on task, such as yourself... It was a pleasure having you in this online class."

Nancy Amadzich
MATH-123: Math for Business
(December 2007)

[Refers to my discovery of multiple errors within the textbook and companion site, and my work ethic in general]

"I have appreciated your comments regarding errors on the DVD and the need for students to have the Business Math Handbook... Thanks again for all your help. I believe you have a great future ahead of you. You would be an asset to any company that hires you! Great work ethic and detail oriented!"

Steven Burleson
ITSUP-174: Business Information Systems
(October 2007)

"Matt, your assignments are excellent! Thank you."

Ann Lucht
MKTG-151: Business Career Management
(February—May 2008)

[Refers to my discovery and resolution of invalid Web links within an assignment, and my work in general]

"Matthew, thanks for letting me know about the [invalid] links AND for updating them.  Students never do that part!"

"Very nicely done! ... As always very well done."

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